Sami Brielle is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter, model and social media influencer mainly recognized for her interview and college-related videos. Brielle began content creation in December of 2019 when she started making TikTok dance videos and comedy skits on her @samibrielle account. Her account started gaining popularity in Summer of 2020 when she started making interview videos with random people at the Jersey Shore. Most of these videos were filmed on Belmar Beach or at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, and involved her asking questions and gathering the opinions of random people.

Early Life:

Brielle began dancing at a dance studio in New Jersey at just two years old, joined the competitive dance team at seven, and entered a specialized performing arts high school at thirteen. Though she attended the performing arts high school with a focus in dance, she took voice, acting and musical theater classes there as well.

Brielle claims that social media was a very important part of her childhood. She has mentioned that Youtubers such as Skydoesminecraft, Aphmau, Ihascupquake, MrBeast, Nigahiga, and David Dobrik were her main sources of entertainment growing up, and inspired her to make videos like she does nowadays.

In addition to performing arts classes and AP academic courses, she was involved in her high school’s varsity dance team, national honor society and many clubs as well. In 2020, she graduated in the top 5% of her class of over 500 people, and went on to continue her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles where she is currently an ‘undecided’ major. Brielle responded to getting waitlisted by UCLA, her dream school, in her first YouTube video in April, and later released another video called “College Decision Reaction Part 2” in May where she discovered that she was ultimately accepted. Brielle enrolled as a UCLA undergraduate student that day as well.

It was during December of Sami Brielle’s senior year of high school when her own social media platforms began taking off. Brielle’s first video that gained public attention was posted on December 16, 2019 where she made a joke that she received her high score on the ACT exam by ‘having no social life’ and ‘massive sleep deprivation’. Brielle posted her first YouTube video “College Decision Reactions 2020” in April of her senior year, which as of the beginning of 2021 has over 700k views.

In September of 2020, Sami Brielle moved to Los Angeles despite school being completely virtual in hopes that being in LA would allow her to get involved with more music, social media and acting opportunities.

Personal Life:

Sami Brielle grew up in New Jersey with her mother, father, sister and brother. Brielle grew up in a house with many pets throughout her childhood: some of her current pets being a pitbull named ‘Skye’, a cat named ‘Smokey’ and a snake named ‘Snakey.’

In Los Angeles, she lives in an apartment with four other girls, one of them being fellow social media influencer, Bri Wilburn. She has become friends with other LA-based content creators including SwagboyQ, Champagnemike, Bryan Williams, Chris Williams, etc.


Though Sami Brielle has yet to release any original songs on music platforms, she has shown sneak peeks into her singing, songwriting and basic guitar/ukelele abilities on her TikTok accounts. Brielle began songwriting during her sophomore year in high school, and has been playing guitar and ukelele since her junior year, which she learned by watching YouTube videos.

Other Ventures:

She has made TikTok videos in which she has partnered with brands including Amazon, Triller, and TTD eye.

She will be making appearances in music videos including “Shot With Me” by Moe Young and “Just Do It” by Jufu.